Thursday, April 3, 2014

North Carolina at Stanford, 1 April 2014

Scott Uyeno

Scott posts 77 shots to a Flickr set. Of the action shots, this is fun, Amber in deep:

And this of Chiney committing a foul:

Click through for more action and many shots of the closing celebration.

Michael Li

Michael posts 30 shots of the game and the celebration after to a Flickr set, including this of Lili shooting:

and this, the moment where Mikaela was fouled on a 3-point attempt:

Click through for more action, including one of Mikaela's actual threes and plenty of net-cutting.

Baranduin Briggs

Baranduin writes that she got only half her pics processed before having to break off to pack for a trip to Nashville. But she put 113 shots up on a Smugmug gallery, including a sequence of the moment when Chiney accidentally clobbered Allisha Gray in the chops:

And Lili guarding Diamond DeShields:

Click through for more action and celebration pictures.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Penn State at Stanford, 30 March 2014

Michael Li

Michael posts 26 shots from both Sunday games to a Flickr set. From the first game, he has this of Lili and Mikaela frustrating Maggie Lucas:

And from the second, this that he titles "Crash Landing":

Scott Uyeno

Scott posts 53 photos of the Stanford-Penn State game to his Flickr set, including this of Mikaela driving:

And this classic Chiney move:

Baranduin Briggs

Baranduin posts 89 shots to a Smugmug gallery, all from the Stanford game. For the first half, SEJ on defense:

and from the second half, this: both during the game and viewing the recorded game after, I was thinking, boy, I hope Baranduin got Ruef saying Yessss!, and she did:

Monday, March 3, 2014

WSU at Stanford, Senior Night 2014

Scott Uyeno

Scott posts 66 shots to a Flickr set, with action like this of Lili taking it to Tia Presley:

and Dollies and Senior-night photos too.

Michael Li

Michael put up 28 shots to his Flickr set, with lots of nice shots of the Senior Day groupings like this of Chiney and her parents:

and some action shots and Sprout night too.

Baranduin Briggs

Baranduin was a bit late because, she writes, it is "surprisingly difficult to watch the Oscars, follow twitter and fix photos..." but she managed to posted 122 shots to a Smugmug gallery, including action such as this of Lili:

But the latter third of the gallery is sniffly-nice Senior day pics, like this of Chiney:

Friday, February 28, 2014

Washington at Stanford, plus Belated Xmas Pics!

Baranduin Briggs

Baranduin didn't have her usual time for editing, so ended up posting 104 shots (maybe it'll be pared down by the time you look) to a Smugmug gallery. There's a lot of great shots among them, like this one, which I at first thought was the perfect pic of Bonnie launching a three. Then I looked closer...

Keep scrolling to the bottom for a belated Christmas present for B. Briggs!

Scott Uyeno

Scott has posted 52 shots to this Flickr set, with lots of good action like this of Mikaela getting on a loose ball:

Or this of Lili on defense:

Michael Li

Michael writes that he missed the first half—for a life or death emergency, I assume—but posted 14 second-half shots to a Flickr set with several nice action shots that include the identical moment caught by Baranduin above, plus a good shot of a "Bird" jumper:

Tom O'Connor

Tom posted a batch of north-east corner shots to a Smugmug gallery, including this one of Kailee hauling down a rebound:

Cardinal at Town & Country

Back in December the Cardinal held a fan event at Town & Country plaza in Palo Alto. Baranduin went, and put 20 shots of the players interacting with fans in this Smugmug gallery, with several really striking face shots like this of E. Payne: